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Case of pleural metastasis of prostate cancer

Thoracic Cancer

Volume 4 Issue 4 (November 2013)

Content published online: 27 Oct 2013

Koichiro Yasuda, Ai Maeda, Takuro Yukawa, Shinsuke Saisho, Riki Okita, Yuji Hirami, Katsuhiko Shimizu, Masao Nakata

Abstract The most frequent sites of prostate cancer metastases are the bone and lung. Pleural metastasis of prostate cancer is clinically rare. We report a case with solitary pleural thickening arising from the metastasis of prostate cancer. A 71‐year‐old man ...

Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis: a complication of an indwelling peripherally inserted central venous catheter

Clinical Case Reports

Volume 3 Issue 3 (March 2015)

Content published online: 22 Jan 2015

Peter J. Carr, James C. R. Rippey

Key Clinical Message We report a case of peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC)‐associated deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Ultrasound images and video of subclavian thrombus are presented. PICC line‐associated DVT, particularly in cancer patients is not...

Vagus nerve schwannoma in the right upper mediastinum

Thoracic Cancer

Volume 8 Issue 6 (November 2017)

Content published online: 14 Aug 2017

WeiPeng Zhu, DongHong Chen

A 35‐year‐old woman was admitted to our hospital with an abnormal shadow on her chest roentgenogram. Computed tomography showed that a tumor was located in the right upper mediastinum. Resection of the tumor by video‐assisted thoracoscopic surgery was performed. Operative...

Detection of Taenia saginata infection mimicking Crohn's disease using video capsule endoscopy

Clinical Case Reports

Clinical Case Reports - Early View Articles

Content published online: 4 Mar 2018

Elchanan Nussinson, Shira Yair‐Sabag, Fahmi Shibli

Key Clinical Message Capsule endoscopy was used to detect intestinal Taenia saginata infection in a 19‐year‐old man. The patient was initially believed to have Crohn's disease due to a notable family history of the disease. Capsule endoscopy is a valuable tool for...

Video evidence of improved hand function following repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with physical therapy in stroke: a case report

Clinical Case Reports

Clinical Case Reports - Early View Articles

Content published online: 8 Mar 2018

James R. Carey, Mo Chen, Christopher D. Streib

Key Clinical Message In a 46‐year‐old female 6 months poststroke who presented with minimal paretic hand function, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and exercises considerably improved her function beyond that accomplished with conventional...

Clinical experience using a video‐guided spirometry system for deep inhalation breath‐hold radiotherapy of left‐sided breast cancer

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

Volume 16 Issue 2 (March 2015)

Content published online: 8 Mar 2015

Wensha Yang, Elizabeth M. McKenzie, Michele Burnison, Stephen Shiao, Amin Mirhadi, Behrooz Hakimian, Robert Reznik, Richard Tuli, Howard Sandler, Benedick A. Fraass

The purpose was to report clinical experience of a video‐guided spirometry system in applying deep inhalation breath‐hold (DIBH) radiotherapy for left‐sided breast cancer, and to study the systematic and random uncertainties, intra‐ and interfraction motion and impact on...

Personalized safety measures reduce the adverse event rate of long‐term video EEG

Epilepsia Open

Volume 2 Issue 4 (December 2017)

Content published online: 18 Sep 2017

Judith Dobesberger, Julia Höfler, Markus Leitinger, Giorgi Kuchukhidze, Georg Zimmermann, Aljoscha Thomschewski, Iris Unterberger, Gerald Walser, Gudrun Kalss, Alexandra Rohracher, Caroline Neuray, Teia Kobulashvili, Yvonne Höller, Eugen Trinka

Summary Objective Safety in epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs) has become an increasing concern because adverse events occur in up to 10% of patients undergoing long‐term video EEG in EMUs. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of a...

Traumatic brain injury among female offenders in a prison population: results of the Fleury TBI study

Brain and Behavior

Volume 7 Issue 1 (January 2017)

Content published online: 21 Oct 2016

Eric Durand, Laurence Watier, Anne Lécu, Michel Fix, Jean‐Jacques Weiss, Mathilde Chevignard, Pascale Pradat‐Diehl

Abstract Aim The study was designed to estimate the prevalence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a French prison population of female offenders, study the variables known to be associated with TBI, and compare our results with those obtained...

Surveillance of injecting‐related injury and diseases in people who inject drugs attending a targeted primary health care facility in Sydney's Kings Cross

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Volume 39 Issue 2 (April 2015)

Content published online: 31 Mar 2015

Mihaela Ivan, Ingrid van Beek, Handan Wand, Lisa Maher

Abstract Objective: This study examined the prevalence of injecting‐related injuries and diseases (IRIDs) and associated risk factors among people who inject drugs (PWID) attending a primary health care facility in Sydney's Kings Cross. ...

Severe traumatic brain injuries from motor vehicle‐related events in New Caledonia: epidemiology, outcome and public health consequences

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Volume 39 Issue 2 (April 2015)

Content published online: 31 Mar 2015

Gilles Guerrier, Eloïse Morisse, Yann Barguil, Shirley Gervolino, Elisabeth Lhote

Abstract Objective: Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which are mostly due to road traffic crash (RTC), are a major public health concern. This article describes the incidence, severity and outcome of TBI caused by RTC in New Caledonia over a five‐year period. ...

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