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Clinical Case Reports is Recruiting Associate Editors

We are seeking Associate Editors specialising in:

  • Urology
  • Nephrology
  • Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Genetics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Ear, Nose and Throat

for our open access journal, Clinical Case Reports.

What is Clinical Case Reports?
Clinical Case Reports is an open access journal publishing case reports from the full spectrum of healthcare practitioners including doctors, nurses, dentists, and vets. Unlike many other case report journals, our case reports do not have to be novel, unusual, or challenging—nor do they have to be surprising. They simply have to convey an important teaching point about a common or important clinical scenario. Scenarios which illustrate the appropriate use of a clinical guideline or systematic review are particularly important to us. Novel, unusual, and challenging cases are still important and will also form a key part of Clinical Case Reports. However, we know that most healthcare professionals spend most of their time treating common problems, and that those common clinical problems present excellent opportunities to illustrate and disseminate best practice. Consequently, compared with teaching points from rare or unusual situations, our common best practice messages have the potential to optimise the care of many more patients globally – and that is why we are excited about them. Our vision in this context is that Clinical Case Reports should improve global health and increase clinical understanding.

The Editor-in-Chief for Clinical Case Reports is Dr Charles Young. Dr Young is an experienced medical editor, publisher and writer. In the past he has worked as Executive Editor at The Lancet, Editor in Chief at the BMJ Evidence Centre, and Vice President for Clinical Solutions at Wiley. While at Wiley, Charles was the founding Editor in Chief for the Clinical Case Reports journal, leading the journal through its creation and launch. Charles trained as an emergency physician in London and continues to practice emergency medicine one day each week at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Charles currently works as Chief Medical Officer for Capita Healthcare Decisions, Board member for iPlato, as well being a member of the NICE external accreditation advisory committee and the Cochrane Library oversight editorial committee.

Objectives for Associate Editors
1. Provide rapid peer review of case report submissions in their area of clinical specialty.
2. Help communicate the results of peer review to facilitate the revision of the submitted manuscripts.
3. Help the Editor-in-Chief or Section Editor make the final decisions regarding whether or not to accept submissions for publication.
4. Provide strategic advice to the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editor about journal policy and development in their area of clinical specialty.
5. Help recruit further Associate Editors where submission volume is high.
6. Provide ambassadorial support for Clinical Case Reports.

Support for Associate Editors
• Online peer review management via custom-configured “ScholarOne Manuscripts” website
• Strategic Advisory Board
• Editorial Assistant (based at Wiley to run the Editorial Office)
• Production Editor (to process accepted articles for publication)
• Journal Publishing Manager (based at Wiley, to manage the journal strategy)
• Marketing Manager (with subject area knowledge, and who will link in with other global colleagues)
• Publisher (to guide the publishing team and provide high-level input and support, as needed)

Remuneration and Term of Office
Associate Editors will serve for a fixed term of 3 years. There will be no direct financial remuneration, but Associate Editors will be acknowledged for their work on the Journal website.

Personal Profile
• A healthcare practitioner with a clear area of specialist knowledge and experience.
• An interest in research and research publication.
• Sufficient time and commitment to fulfil objectives 1 – 6 above.
• Able to work collaboratively with the Editor-in-Chief and Strategic Advisory Board.
• Keen to innovate and explore publishing opportunities for Clinical Case Reports in their specialist area.
• Effective in publicizing and promoting Clinical Case Reports.

To register your interest or for more information please email:

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