Manuscript Transfer Program Benefits

Benefits to Societies and Editors of the Wiley Open Access Manuscript Transfer Program

A number of Wiley Open Access journals are supported by a network of authoritative journals and societies who participate in Wiley Open Access’s manuscript transfer program. Supporting societies and journals benefit from the Wiley Open Access program in the following ways:

A sustainable and risk-free model for societies and journal editors
Societies and editors can experiment with open access without risk to subscription journal brand and revenues.

Enhanced return from the existing investment in peer review
Wiley Open Access enables societies and editors to offer authors who they would previously have turned away a new open access publishing option, without set-up or extra administration costs or efforts. This helps lessen the burden on an already stretched network of peer-reviewers.

Meeting the needs of more authors
Offering authors a quick route to publication when their article is not suitable for publication in a supporting journal, as well as enabling them to fully comply with open access mandates.

Funder and institutional open access funds and relationships
Some funders and institutions have open access mandates and dedicated open access funds. Wiley Open Access journals are fully compliant with existing open access mandates and we are actively building new relationships with funders and institutions and negotiating new arrangements for funding for open access publications.

A package of tangible benefits for societies, including benefits for society members and a direct financial return
Societies who participate in the Manuscript Transfer Program will receive royalty for the articles which are transferred from their publication and subsequently published. They may also opt for their members to receive a 10% discount when submitting directly to the Wiley Open Access journal.

“Thank you so much for providing this Open Access journal. I renewed my AHA membership just to show my appreciation.”
Robert Delikat - AHA member since 2002

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